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Scanning force microscopy based amperometric biosensors

  • Christine KranzEmail author
  • Justyna Wiedemair


Cantilever-based biosensing has developed into an important research area especially for biomedical and clinical analysis. In particular, the possibility to scan miniaturized amperometric biosensors with high-fidelity distance control across biomedically relevant sample surfaces enables the determination of pertinent analytes such as, e.g., adenosine 5′-triphosphate (ATP). ATP is involved in a wide variety of important regulatory cellular mechanisms, and quantification of ATP has therefore been the focus of extensive research in recent years.

Usually, scanning force microscopy-based biosensing relates to detection principles based on either mass-sensitive mechanical transduction, which can be detected as a frequency change of the cantilever, or a change in the force constant due to the absorption of molecules onto the sensor surface, as shown in Fig.  1a. Alternatively, a bimetallic cantilever can be used as a temperature sensing device for detecting calorimetric changes...


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