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Laser processing for bio-microfluidics applications (part II)

  • Chantal G. Khan MalekEmail author


This paper reviews applications of laser-based techniques to the fabrication of microfluidic devices for biochips and addresses some of the challenges associated with the manufacture of these devices. Special emphasis is placed on the use of lasers for the rapid prototyping and production of biochips, in particular for applications in which silicon is not the preferred material base. This review addresses applications and devices based on ablation using femtosecond lasers, infrared lasers as well as laser-induced micro-joining, and the laser-assisted generation of micro-replication tools, for subsequent replication of polymeric chips with a technique like laser LIGA.


Laser Micromachining Bio-MEMS μTAS Microfluidics Polymers 



This work was performed within the framework of the 4M Network of Excellence “Multi material micro manufacture: technology and applications (4M)” (EC funding FP6-500274-1;


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