Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

, Volume 380, Issue 4, pp 587–605 | Cite as

Molecular imprinting: a dynamic technique for diverse applications in analytical chemistry

  • Vivek Babu Kandimalla
  • Hunagxian JuEmail author


Continuous advances in analyzing complex matrices, improving reliability and simplicity, and performing multiple simultaneous assays with extreme sensitivity are increasing. Several techniques have been developed for the quantitative assays of analytes at low concentrations (e.g., high-pressure liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, immunoassay and the polymerase chain reaction technique). To achieve highly specific and sensitive analysis, high affinity, stable, and specific recognition agents are needed. Although biological recognition agents are very specific and sensitive they are labile and/or have a low density of binding sites. During the past decade molecular imprinting has emerged as an attractive and highly accepted tool for the development of artificial recognition agents. Molecular imprinting is achieved by the interaction, either noncovalent or covalent, between complementary groups in a template molecule and functional monomer units through polymerization or polycondensation. These molecularly imprinted polymers have been widely employed for diverse applications (e.g., in chromatographic separation, drug screening, chemosensors, catalysis, immunoassays etc.) owing to their specificity towards the target molecules and high stability against physicochemical perturbations. In this review the advantages, applications, and recent developments in molecular imprinting technology are highlighted.


Molecular imprinting Analytical chemistry Catalysis Solid-phase extraction Sensors 



We are gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Distinguished Young Scholar Fund to HX Ju (20325518), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (20275017), the Specialized Research Fund for the Excellent Young Teachers from the Chinese Ministry of Education, the Science Foundation of Jiangsu (BS2001063), and the Key Research Project of Jiangsu Institute of Cancer Research.


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