Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

, Volume 378, Issue 5, pp 1369–1375 | Cite as

Solvent extraction of amino acids into a room temperature ionic liquid with dicyclohexano-18-crown-6

  • Svetlana V. Smirnova
  • Irina I. Torocheshnikova
  • Andrey A. Formanovsky
  • Igor V. Pletnev
Original Paper


Amino acids Trp, Gly, Ala, Leu are extracted efficiently from aqueous solution at pH 1.5–4.0 (Lys and Arg at pH 1.5–5.5) into the room temperature ionic liquid 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate (BmimPF6) with dicyclohexano-18-crown-6 (CE). The most hydrophilic amino acids such as Gly are extracted as efficiently as the less hydrophilic (92–96%). The influence of pH, amino acid and crown ether concentration, volume ratio of aqueous and organic phases, and presence of some cations on amino acid recovery were studied. The ratio of amino acid to crown ether in the extracted species is 1:1 for cationic Trp, Leu, Ala, and Gly and to 1:2 for dicationic Arg and Lys. This ionic liquid extraction system was used successfully for the recovery of amino acids from pharmaceutical samples and fermentation broth, and was followed by fluorimetric determination.


Room temperature ionic liquid Liquid–liquid extraction Amino acids Dicyclohexano-18-crown-6 



This work was financially supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, grant no. 02–03–32340a. Authors are grateful to Dr Z. Kuvaeva, Minsk Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry, Belarus for supplying the fermentation broth sample. Thanks are also due to Dr E.N. Shapovalova and M. Chernobrovkin, Moscow University, who kindly performed chromatographic analysis of the amino acid mixture; we are also grateful to K. Khachatryan for experimental assistance.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Svetlana V. Smirnova
    • 1
  • Irina I. Torocheshnikova
    • 1
  • Andrey A. Formanovsky
    • 1
  • Igor V. Pletnev
    • 1
  1. 1.Division of Analytical Chemistry, Chemical DepartmentLomonosov Moscow State UniversityMoscowRussia

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