Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

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The impact of chromatography and mass spectrometry on the analysis of protein phosphorylation sites



Protein phosphorylation analysis is an enormous challenge. This review summarises the currently used techniques, which are based on radiolabelling and mass spectrometry as well as electrophoretic and chromatographic separation. Many methods exist, but there is still no single procedure applicable to all phosphoproteins. MS is able to deliver information about the location of phosphorylation sites, but phosphospecific properties with respect to ionisation present obstacles. Therefore, multidimensional approaches involving several analytical methods are often necessary to conquer phosphorylation site identification.


Protein phosphorylation Mass spectrometry HPLC IMAC Radiolabelling 





Capillary electrophoresis


Collision-induced dissociation


Electron capture dissociation


Electrospray ionisation


Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance


High performance liquid chromatography


Isotope coded affinity tags


Inductively-coupled plasma


Immino-diacetic acid


Immobilised metal affinity chromatography


Infrared multiphoton dissociation


Ion trap


Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation


Myeloid-related protein 14


Mass spectrometry


Nitrilo-triacetic acid


Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis


Protein disulfide isomerase


Phosphoserine residue


Post-source decay


Phosphothreonine residue


Polyvinylidene fluoride


Phosphotyrosine residue




Reversed phase


Single-ion monitoring


Sodium dodecyl sulfate


Sustained off-resonance irradiation


Thin-layer chromatography





The work was supported by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Clinical Research, University of Münster (ZPG1) and a grant from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Fö.01KS9604/0). M. Zeller was funded by Innovative Medical Research Münster (KÖ 5 1 01 01) and a EU Marie Curie Fellowship at the University of Warwick, UK (HPMT-CT-2002-00366). Our special thanks go to Prof. P. Derrick of Warwick University for supervising the training. We also acknowledge kind advice and collaboration by Dr. P. Jenö (Biocentre Basel, Switzerland). Myeloid-related protein 14 and its shorter isoform MRP14′ were isolated from human granulocytes by Dr. T. Vogl (Institute of Experimental Dermatology, University of Münster, Germany) and kindly given to us for testing. This work is part of the PhD thesis of M. Zeller.


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