Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

, Volume 378, Issue 1, pp 104–118 | Cite as

Current strategies for electrochemical detection of DNA with solid electrodes

  • Patricia de-los-Santos-Álvarez
  • M. Jesús Lobo-Castañón
  • Arturo J. Miranda-Ordieres
  • Paulino Tuñón-BlancoEmail author


A review of current strategies aimed at detecting nucleic acids (NA) using NA-modified solid electrodes reveals the versatility and potential of electrochemical detection in this field. What emerged at the beginning of 90s as a very promising detection system in DNA technology is now resulting in the first commercial devices. Many aspects of the experimental design, for example surface immobilisation and detection schemes, are outlined and evaluated. Although most approaches use hybridisation as the recognition reaction, those not based on hybridisation are also included. As is finally shown, great advances have been achieved, although further developments are required if electrochemical devices are to be suitable for routine measurement.


Electrochemical detection of NA DNA-modified electrodes Electrochemical mutation detection 





Alternating current voltammetry



Apo E

Apolipoprotein E


Brilliant cresyl blue


Bilayer lipid membrane


Base pairs


Basal planar pyrolytic graphite








Carbon paste electrode


Constant-current chronopotentiometric stripping analysis




Carbon screen-printed electrode


Cyclic voltammetry








Differential pulse voltammetry


Double-stranded DNA


Ethidium bromide










Field-effect transistor




Glassy carbon electrode


Hepatitis B virus


Human growth hormone 1


Human immunodeficiency virus


Horseradish peroxidase


Highly oriented pyrolytic graphite electrode


Intermittent pulse amperometry


Ion-selective field-effect transistor


Tin-doped indium oxide electrode


Linear sweep voltammetry


Au nanoparticles


Nucleotide monophosphate






Polymerase chain reaction


Poly(ethylene terephthalate)


Pyrolytic graphite electrode




Peptide nucleic acid




Pyrroline quinone glucose dehydrogenase




Self-assembled monolayer


Soybean peroxidase


Single nucleotide polymorphism


Single-stranded DNA


Square-wave voltammetry






TT virus


Difference of peak potential


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