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Quantification of DNA in forensic samples



Quantification of DNA in a forensic sample is of major importance for proper DNA amplification and STR profiling. Several methods have been developed to quantify DNA, from basic UV spectrometry, through gel-based techniques, to dye staining, blotting techniques, and, very recently, DNA amplification methods (polymerase chain reaction, PCR). Early techniques simply measured total DNA, but newer techniques can specifically measure human DNA while excluding non-human DNA (foodstuff, animal, or bacterial contamination). These newer assays can be faster and less expensive than traditional methods, making them ideal for the busy forensic laboratory. This paper reviews classic and newer quantification techniques and presents methods recently developed by the authors on the basis of PCR of Alu sequences.


Forensic science DNA quantification  Alu sequences Polymerase chain reaction Real-time Human 


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