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Systematically convergent basis sets for transition metals. II. Pseudopotential-based correlation consistent basis sets for the group 11 (Cu, Ag, Au) and 12 (Zn, Cd, Hg) elements



Sequences of basis sets that systematically converge towards the complete basis set (CBS) limit have been developed for the coinage metals (Cu, Ag, Au) and group 12 elements (Zn, Cd, Hg). These basis sets are based on recently published small-core relativistic pseudopotentials [Figgen D, Rauhut G, Dolg M, Stoll H (2005) Chem Phys 311:227] and range in size from double- through quintuple-ζ. Series of basis sets designed for valence-only and outer-core electron correlation are presented, as well as these sets augmented by additional diffuse functions for the accurate description of negative ions and weak interactions. Selected benchmark calculations at the coupled cluster level of theory are presented for both atomic and molecular properties. The latter include the calculation of both spectroscopic and thermochemical properties of the homonuclear dimers Cu2, Ag2, and Au2, as well as the van der Waals species Zn2, Cd2, and Hg2. The CBS limit results, including the effects of core-valence correlation and spin-orbit coupling, represent some of the most accurate carried out to date and result in new recommendations for the equilibrium bond lengths of the group 12 dimers. Comparisons are also made to a limited number of all-electron Douglas–Kroll–Hess (DKH) calculations (second and third order) carried out using new correlation consistent basis sets of triple-ζ quality.


Basis sets Correlation Consistent Transition metal dimers Complete basis set Coupled cluster 


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