Sharp weighted norm inequalities for singular integrals with non–smooth kernels

  • The Anh Bui
  • Xuan Thinh DuongEmail author


In this paper, we prove the sharp weighted bound for certain singular integrals which have non-smooth kernels and do not belong to the class of standard Calderón–Zygmund operators. Our assumptions are weaker than those known in literature, since in particular we do not assume the Cotlar type inequality condition. Applications include sharp weighted estimates for the Riesz transforms associated to the Dirichlet Laplacians on open connected domains, the Riesz transforms associated to the Schrödinger operators with real potentials on the Euclidean spaces, the Riesz transforms associated to the degenerate Schrödinger operators and the Riesz transforms associated to the Schrödinger operators with inverse square potentials.


Heat kernels Singular operators Weighted estimates 

Mathematics Subject Classification

58J35 42B20 



Xuan Thinh Duong was supported by Australian Research Council through the ARC grant DP160100153.


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