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Rigidity for \(C^1\) actions on the interval arising from hyperbolicity I: solvable groups

  • C. Bonatti
  • I. Monteverde
  • A. Navas
  • C. RivasEmail author


We consider Abelian-by-cyclic groups for which the cyclic factor acts by hyperbolic automorphisms on the Abelian subgroup. We show that if such a group acts faithfully by \(C^1\) diffeomorphisms of the closed interval with no global fixed point at the interior, then the action is topologically conjugate to that of an affine group. Moreover, in case of non-Abelian image, we show a rigidity result concerning the multipliers of the homotheties, despite the fact that the conjugacy is not necessarily smooth. Some consequences for non-solvable groups are proposed. In particular, we give new proofs/examples yielding the existence of finitely-generated, locally-indicable groups with no faithful action by \(C^1\) diffeomorphisms of the interval.


Actions on 1-manifolds Solvable groups Rigidity Hyperbolicity \(C^1\) diffeomorphisms 

Mathematics Subject Classification

20F16 22F05 37C85 37F15 



We thank L. Arenas and A. Zeghib for useful discussions related to Sects. 5 and 1.3, S. Matsumoto and A. Wilkinson for their interest on this work, and the anonymous referee for pointing out to us an error in the original version of this work as well as several points to improve. All the authors were funded by the Center of Dynamical Systems and Related Fields  (Anillo Project 1103, CONICYT), and would also like to thank UCN for the hospitality during the VIII Dynamical Systems School held at San Pedro de Atacama (July 2013), where this work started taking its final form. C. Bonatti would like to thank Chicago University for its hospitality during the stay which started his interest on this subject. I. Monteverde would like to thank Univ. of Santiago for the hospitality during his stay in July 2013, and acknowledges the support of PEDECIBA Matemática, Uruguay. A. Navas would like to thank Univ. of Bourgogne for the hospitality during different stages of this work, and acknowledges the support of the FONDECYT Project 1120131. C. Rivas acknowledges the support of the CONICYT Inserción Project 79130017.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Univ. de BourgogneDijonFrance
  2. 2.Univ. de la RepúblicaSaltoUruguay
  3. 3.USACHSantiagoChile

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