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Biharmonic submanifolds of \({\mathbb{C}P^n}\)

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We give some general results on proper-biharmonic submanifolds of a complex space form and, in particular, of the complex projective space. These results are mainly concerned with submanifolds with constant mean curvature or parallel mean curvature vector field. We find the relation between the bitension field of the inclusion of a submanifold \({\bar{M}}\) in \({\mathbb{C}P^n}\) and the bitension field of the inclusion of the corresponding Hopf-tube in \({\mathbb{S}^{2n+1}}\). Using this relation we produce new families of proper-biharmonic submanifolds of \({\mathbb{C}P^n}\). We study the geometry of biharmonic curves of \({\mathbb{C}P^n}\) and we characterize the proper-biharmonic curves in terms of their curvatures and complex torsions.

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Correspondence to S. Montaldo.

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S. Montaldo was supported by PRIN-2007 (Italy): Riemannian metrics and differentiable Manifolds and C. Oniciuc was partially supported by PCE Grant PNII-2228 (502/2009), Romania.

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  • Harmonic maps
  • Biharmonic maps
  • Biharmonic submanifolds

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000)

  • 58E20