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Bergman kernels and local holomorphic Morse inequalities



Let (X,ω) be a hermitian manifold and let Lk be a high power of a hermitian holomorphic line bundle over X. Local versions of Demailly’s holomorphic Morse inequalities (that give bounds on the dimension of the Dolbeault cohomology groups associated to Lk), are presented - after integration they give the usual holomorphic Morse inequalities. The local weak inequalities hold on any hermitian manifold (X,ω), regardless of compactness and completeness. The proofs, which are elementary, are based on a new approach to pointwise Bergman kernel estimates, where the kernels are estimated by a model kernel in Open image in new window


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  1. 1.Chalmers University of TechnologyDepartment of MathematicsGöteborgSweden

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