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Orbits Homoclinic to Exponentially Small Periodic Orbits for a Class of Reversible Systems. Application to Water Waves

  • Eric Lombardi


In this paper a class of reversible analytic vector fields is investigated near an equilibrium. For these vector fields, the part of the spectrum of the differential at the equilibrium which lies near the imaginary axis comes from the perturbation of a double eigenvalue 0 and two simple eigenvalues \(\), \(\).

In the first part of this paper, we study the 4-dimensional problem. The existence of a family of solutions homoclinic to periodic orbits of size less than μN for any fixed N, where μ is the bifurcation parameter, is known for \(\) vector fields. Using the analyticity of the vector field, we prove here the existence of solutions homoclinic to a periodic orbit the size of which is exponentially small ( of order \(\). This result receives its significance from the still unsolved question of whether there exist solutions that are homoclinic to the equilibrium or whether the amplitudes of the oscillations at infinity have a positive infimum.

In the second part of this paper we prove that the exponential estimates still hold in infinite dimensions. This result cannot be simply obtained from the study of the 4-dimensional analysis by a center-manifold reduction since this result is based on analyticity of the vector field.

One example of such a vector field in infinite dimensions occurs when describing the irrotational flow of an inviscid fluid layer under the influence of gravity and small surface tension (Bond number \(\)) for a Froude number F close to 1. In this context a homoclinic solution to a periodic orbit is called a generalized solitary wave. Our work shows that there exist generalized solitary waves with exponentially small oscillations at infinity. More precisely, we prove that for each F close enough to 1, there exist two reversible solutions homoclinic to a periodic orbit, the size of which is less than \(\), l being any number between 0 and π and \(\) satisfying \(\).


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