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Localized Concentration of Semi-Classical States for Nonlinear Dirac Equations

  • Yanheng Ding
  • Tian Xu


The present paper studies concentration phenomena of the semiclassical approximation of a massive Dirac equation with general nonlinear self-coupling:
$$\begin{array}{ll}-i \hbar \alpha \cdot \nabla w+a \beta w + V (x) w = g (|w|) w.\end{array}$$
Compared with some existing issues, the most interesting results obtained here are twofold: the solutions concentrating around local minima of the external potential; and the nonlinearities assumed to be either super-linear or asymptotically linear at the infinity. As a consequence one sees that, if there are k bounded domains \({\Lambda_j \subset \mathbb{R}^3}\) such that \({-a < \min_{\Lambda_j} V=V(x_j) < \min_{\partial \Lambda_j}V}\) , \({x_j\in\Lambda_j}\) , then the k-families of solutions \({w_\hbar^j}\) concentrate around x j as \({\hbar\to 0}\) , respectively. The proof relies on variational arguments: the solutions are found as critical points of an energy functional. The Dirac operator has a continuous spectrum which is not bounded from below and above, hence the energy functional is strongly indefinite. A penalization technique is developed here to obtain the desired solutions.


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  1. 1.Institute of Mathematics, Academy of Mathematics and Systems ScienceChinese Academy of SciencesBeijingChina

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