Archives of Toxicology

, Volume 81, Issue 10, pp 711–718

Genotype and allele frequencies of polymorphic CYP2E1 in the Turkish population

Toxicokinetics and Metabolism

DOI: 10.1007/s00204-007-0200-y

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Ulusoy, G., Arinç, E. & Adali, O. Arch Toxicol (2007) 81: 711. doi:10.1007/s00204-007-0200-y


Cytochrome P4502E1 (CYP2E1) gene shows genetic polymorphisms that vary markedly in frequency among different ethnic and racial groups. We studied the genotype distributions and allele frequencies of three CYP2E1 polymorphisms: CYP2E1*5B (RsaI/PstI RFLP, C-1053T/G-1293C SNP, rs2031920 /rs3813867), CYP2E1*6 (DraI RFLP, T7632A SNP, rs6413432), and CYP2E1*7B (DdeI RFLP, G-71T SNP, rs6413420) by PCR/RFLP technique in a sample of 206 healthy subjects representing Turkish population. CYP2E1*5B polymorphism analysis yielded the genotype distribution as 96.12% for *1A/*1A (c1/c1), and 3.88% for *1A/*5B (c1/c2). The genotype frequencies for CYP2E1*6 polymorphism were found as 83.98% for *1A/*1A (T/T), 15.53% for *1A/*6 (T/A) and 0.49% for *6/*6 (A/A). For CYP2E1*7B (G-71T) polymorphism, the genotype frequencies were determined to be 86.89% for *1A/*1A (G/G), 12.62% for *1A/*7B (G/T) and 0.49% for *7B/*7B (T/T). Accordingly, the allele frequencies for *5B, *6 and *7B were 1.94, 8.25, and 6.80%, respectively. The genotype distributions of CYP2E1*5B and *6 in Turkish population were similar to those in other Caucasian populations, while differed significantly from East Asian populations. Recently, a novel and functionally important CYP2E1*7B polymorphism was identified in the promoter region. There have been few studies and limited data on CYP2E1*7B polymorphism frequency in the world and, so far, no information has been available for Turkish population. The genotype frequencies of CYP2E1*7B in Turkish population were found to be similar to those of other Caucasian populations. Population studies like this could be useful in assessing the susceptibility of different populations to chemical-induced diseases, including several types of cancer.


CYP2E1 gene Turkish population Genetic polymorphism Allele frequencies CYP2E1*5B, *6, *7B 

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