Electrical Engineering

, Volume 92, Issue 3, pp 99–109

Multiphase transmission line modeling for voltage sag estimation

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This paper presents a novel approach for voltage sag indices calculation based on instantaneous voltage estimation. The estimation uses traditional state estimation where redundant measurements are available. The estimation is based on time domain state estimation which uses time domain modeling of the power network. The time domain current monitoring is used to have linear mapping and to achieve high performance of voltage sag estimation. The fault estimation procedure is prior of the voltage sag estimation. This paper shows a possible for fault instance detection, fault location identification and fault type estimation method that are required to estimate voltage sag for different line models utilizing residual analysis and topology error processing. Lumped parameter and distributed parameter transmission line modeling are developed to estimate instantaneous voltage at a three-phase power system in time domain. Magnitude and duration of voltage sag as main indices are calculated from the estimated instantaneous bus voltage. The performance of the novel approach is tested on IEEE 14 bus system and the results are shown.


Voltage sag (dip) State estimation Transmission line modeling Residual analysis Fault type 


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