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Nonlinear observer based control of induction motors

  • Chang-Woo ParkEmail author
  • Sungryul Lee
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This paper presents an observer design methodology for a special class of MIMO nonlinear systems. First, we characterize the class of MIMO nonlinear systems that consists of the linear observable part and the nonlinear part with a block triangular structure. Also, the similarity transformation that plays an important role in proving the convergence of the proposed observer is generalized to MIMO systems. we have considered the nonlinearity of the system in designing the gain of the observer and then, it is prevented that the observer gain is unnecessarily increased. Moreover, by using the generalized similarity transformation, it is shown that under some observability and boundedness conditions, the proposed observer guarantees the global exponential convergence to zero of the estimation error. Finally, the simulation results for induction motor are included to illustrate the validity of our design scheme.


Nonlinear systems State observer Triangular structure High gain observer 


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  1. 1.Precision Machinery Research CenterKorea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI)Puchon-SiSouth Korea

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