Special Issue: Optimal Transportation, Equilibrium, and applications to Economics

  • Alfred GalichonEmail author
  • Robert McCann

On April 29–30, 2016, we invited a small group of economists and mathematicians to gather at New York University for a workshop called “Optimal Transportation, Equilibrium, and Applications to Economics”. The objective of this workshop was to explore the links between theory and empirical content of matching models, investigate the connection between hedonic equilibria and optimal transport methods, and go beyond the assumption of quasilinearity in payments. We are excited to put together six papers that were presented during this workshop. Among these six papers, two of them (Cao et al. 2019; Jaffe and Weber 2019) have to do with the empirical content of the matching model; two of them (Pass 2019; Carlier and Ekeland 2019) deal with models of hedonic equilibrium; and three of them (Carlier and Ekeland 2019 again, along with Mourifié 2018 and Zhang 2018) explore matching and hedonic models beyond the quasilinear case.

Cao et al. (2019) study random index models that had been...



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