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, Volume 25, Issue 6, pp 1667–1676 | Cite as

Celiac disease and risk of fracture in adults—a review

  • A. M. HjelleEmail author
  • E. Apalset
  • P. Mielnik
  • J. Bollerslev
  • K. E. A. Lundin
  • G. S. Tell


Patients with celiac disease (CD) have low bone mineral density. Evidence of increased fracture risk in these patients is conflicting, and the indication for bone mineral density screening of all adult CD patients is debated. Our aim was to review current published data on fractures in CD. Cross-sectional cohort studies and one case study were identified by searching Medline and Embase. Although the identified studies are heterogeneous and difficult to compare, the overall findings indicate a positive association between CD and risk of fracture. Adult patients with CD should be considered for bone densitometry in order to estimate fracture risk.


Bone mineral density Celiac disease Fractures Gluten enteropathy Osteoporosis 



We thank Sigrun M. Hjelle and Karl Ove Hufthammer for the editorial and statistical assistance.

Conflicts of interest



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