International Urogynecology Journal

, Volume 12, Issue 4, pp 223–225 | Cite as

Conservative Treatment of Stress Incontinence with Geisha Balls

  • K. Glavind
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In a pilot study 6 women with stress urinary incontinence were treated with Geisha balls while performing pelvic floor muscle exercises at home half an hour a day for 12 weeks. Subjectively 4 patients were cured and 2 had improved. Before the treatment the 24-hour pad test was a mean 48 g and after the treatment a mean 10 g. There were no adverse effects.

Key words:Compliance – Geisha balls – Pelvic floor muscle exercises – Stress urinary incontinence 


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  • K. Glavind
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  1. 1.Aalborg Sygehus, Aalborg, DenmarkDK

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