International Urogynecology Journal

, Volume 25, Issue 7, pp 857–862

Anterior colporrhaphy: why surgeon performance is paramount

Clinical Opinion


Anterior compartment repair is one of the most challenging issues in reconstructive pelvic surgery. Previous studies using strict anatomic criteria suggested a high failure rate after anterior colporrhaphy, prompting increased use of augmented repairs in the past decade. More recent studies suggest anterior colporrhaphy may provide symptom relief similar to that seen with augmented repairs without the risks associated with placement of mesh. There is a wide range of success rates for anterior colporrhaphy in the literature. The wide variation implies surgeon performance is a key issue in the success or failure of anterior compartment repair. It is critical to begin measuring and reporting surgeon performance in research trials and monitoring surgeon performance in clinical practice in order to make meaningful comparisons of surgical techniques and improve patient care.


Anterior colporrhaphy Anterior repair Surgical technique Surgeon performance 

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