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Pudendal nerve neuromodulation with neurophysiology guidance: a potential treatment option for refractory chronic pelvi-perineal pain

Case Report


Refractory chronic pelvi-perineal pain (RCPPP) is a challenging entity that has devastating consequences for patient’s quality of life. Many etiologies have been proposed including pudendal neuralgia. Multiple treatment options are used but the reported results are sub-optimal and temporary. In this article, we present the technique of pudendal nerve neuromodulation with neurophysiology guidance as a treatment option for RCPPP. This technique is a two-step procedure that includes electrode implantation under neurophysiology guidance followed by the implantation of a permanent generator after a successful trial period. We report the cases of three women who underwent this procedure as a last-resort treatment option. After 2 years of follow-up, their symptoms are still significantly improved. No major complication occurred.


Chronic pelvic pain Neurophysiology Neurostimulation Pudendal neuralgia Pudendal nerve 


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  1. 1.Department of UrologyCentre Hospitalier Universitaire de SherbrookeSherbrookeCanada
  2. 2.Department of NeurologyCentre Hospitalier Universitaire de SherbrookeSherbrookeCanada

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