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Complications of vaginal mesh: our experience

  • Bernard JacquetinEmail author
  • Michel Cosson
Current Opinion/Update

In the January issue of this journal, an interesting study on “Management of complications arising from transvaginal mesh kit procedures” [1] and a “Review of synthetic mesh-related complications in pelvic floor reconstructive surgery” [2] reopened this much debated problem. First, we straightaway want our readers to know our conflicting interests and also our major concern for objectivity, though B.J. is a patent holder on Prolift™ and both authors have a large implication in studies of the French TVM group and in the many training sessions on this surgical procedure and its complications. Unlike nearly all previous editorials, we would like here not only to describe potential hazards but also encourage the reader to analyse them objectively.

In our opinion, complications of vaginal meshes are often overestimated, sometimes overemphasised, often poorly described and managed.

Complications can be overestimatedbecause it is always easier to publish a complication in an important...


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Conflicts of interest

M. Cosson is on the speaker's bureau, receives research support and is a paid consultant for Ethicon. B. Jacquetin receives royalties, is on the speaker's bureau and is a paid consultant for Ethicon; he receives research support from Codepharma and B. Braun; he is a consultant for AMS.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.University Hospital, Gynecology and ObstetricsMaternite Hotel-DieuClermont-FerrandFrance
  2. 2.University Hospital, Gynecology and ObstetricsMaternite Jeanne de FlandresLilleFrance

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