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Infected midurethral tape presenting as an ischiorectal abscess

Case Report


This is the first reported case of an ischiorectal abscess after a midurethral intravaginal slingplasty (IVS). The patient presented with recurrent ischiorectal abscess which was initially thought to be an unusual presentation of a fistula in ano. Subsequent examination under anaesthesia, however, revealed a fistulous tract extending from the right postero-lateral perianal opening to the vagina where the tape was noted to be eroded and infected. The abscess healed only after removal of the source of infection i.e. the IVS tape. In this report, we also discuss the two main types of meshes used as midurethral slings, the ways in which they differ and the arguments for and against using them.


Monofilament mesh Multifilament mesh IVS TVT 


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