Journal of Evolutionary Economics

, Volume 14, Issue 5, pp 525–542 | Cite as

Entrepreneurship, entry and performance of new business compared in two growth regimes: East and West Germany

  • Michael FritschEmail author
Special issue


The paper provides an outline of the concept of regional growth regimes and empirically illustrates the relevance of the concept. The empirical examples are entrepreneurship, entry and the performance of new businesses in East and West Germany. The differences of the factors determining the formation of new businesses as well as their development between these two growth regimes are immense and clearly demonstrate the relevance of region specific factors.


Growth regimes New business formation New business performance Location Regional influences 


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  1. 1.Technical University Bergakademie FreibergFreiberg
  2. 2.German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin)Berlin
  3. 3.Max-Planck Institute for Research into Economic SystemsJenaGermany

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