Journal of Geodesy

, Volume 71, Issue 9, pp 513–525 | Cite as

A canonical theory for short GPS baselines. Part IV: precision versus reliability

  • P. J. G. Teunissen


This contribution is the last of four parts and deals with the link between baseline precision and ambiguity reliability. It is shown analytically how and to what extent the baseline-ambiguity correlation is related to the gain in baseline precision, to the volume of the ambiguity search space, and to the impact of potential integer ambiguity biases. Also, an ambiguity DOP measure is introduced together with its closed-form formulae for the three different single-baseline models.


Search Space Canonical Theory Integer Ambiguity Ambiguity Search Baseline Precision 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • P. J. G. Teunissen
    • 1
  1. 1.Delft Geodetic Computing Centre (LGR), Faculty of Geodesy, Delft University of Technology, Thijsseweg 11, 2629 JA Delft, The NetherlandsNL

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