Journal of Geodesy

, Volume 78, Issue 1–2, pp 103–108 | Cite as

Integrated adjustment of CHAMP, GRACE, and GPS data

  • S. Zhu
  • Ch. Reigber
  • R. KönigEmail author


Various types of observations, such as space-borne Global positioning system (GPS) code and phase data, accelerometer data, K-band range and range-rate data, and ground-based satellite laser ranging data of the CHAllenging Minisatellite Payload (CHAMP) and GRAvity Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellite missions, are used together with ground-based GPS code and phase data in a rigorous adjustment to eventually solve for the ephemerides of the CHAMP, GRACE, and GPS satellites, geocenter variations, and low-degree gravity field parameters. It turns out that this ‘integrated’ adjustment considerably improves the accuracy of the ephemerides for the high and low satellites, geocenter variations, and gravity field parameters, compared to the case when the adjustment is carried out stepwise or in individual satellite solutions.

Key words

CHAllenging Minisatellite Payload GRAvity and Climate Experiment Global positioning system Precise orbit determination Reference frame Gravity field 


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  1. 1.GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam (GFZ)Department of Geodesy and Remote SensingTelegrafenbergGermany

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