Journal of Geodesy

, Volume 76, Issue 8, pp 455–461 | Cite as

GPS vector configuration design for monitoring deformation networks

  • G. Even-Tzur


 The performance of geodetic monitoring networks is heavily influenced by the configuration of the measured GPS vectors. As an effective design of the GPS measurements will decrease GPS campaign costs and increase the accuracy and reliability of the entire network, the identification of the preferred GPS vectors for measurement has been highlighted as a core problem in the process of deformation monitoring. An algorithm based on a sensitivity analysis of the network, as dependent upon a postulated velocity field, is suggested for the selection of the optimal GPS vectors. Relevant mathematical and statistical concepts are presented as the basis for an improved method of vector configuration design. A sensitivity analysis of the geodetic geodynamic network in the north of Israel is presented, where the method is examined against two deformation models, the Simple Transform Fault and the Locked Fault. The proposed method is suggested as a means for the improvement of the design of monitoring networks, a common practice worldwide.

Keywords: Deformation network – Global positioning system – Design – Sensitivity – Velocity field 


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  • G. Even-Tzur
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  1. 1.Department of Civil Engineering, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa 32000, Israel e-mail:; Tel.: +972-4-8293459; Fax: +972-4-8234757IL

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