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It is my sincere pleasure to welcome you as the new Editor-in-Chief of Mathematical Methods of Operations Research (MMOR). This peer reviewed journal publishes original and high-quality articles on important mathematical and computational aspects of operations research, in particular in the areas of continuous and discrete mathematical optimization, stochastics, and game theory.

I am honored that the Gesellschaft für Operations Research (The German OR Society) and Springer agreed to entrust the guidance of MMOR to me. Thanks to the excellent leadership of my predecessors Alexander Martin, Sem Borst, and Sven Leyffer, I am in the pleasant situation to take over a well-reputed journal with a large audience. I thank the former managing editors as well as all members of the editorial board, reviewers, authors, and readers for establishing MMOR as a successful outlet for new results in operations research.

To make the journal even more attractive for the whole OR community, I slightly updated the editorial policy. In fact, it now explicitly states that theoretically oriented papers are supposed to include explicit motivations of assumptions and results, while application oriented papers need to contain substantial mathematical contributions. Suggestions for algorithms should be accompanied with numerical evidence for their superiority over state-of-the-art methods.

Furthermore, the new special section “OR for the Classroom” will contain invited tutorial papers on advanced mathematical or computational aspects of operations research, aiming at making such methodologies accessible for a wider audience. These papers are meant to be written in a style tailored to the needs of undergraduate students and may, thus, provide up-to-date contents for introductory lectures in operations research.

If you have any comments or suggestions concerning the MMOR policy or organization, please feel free to let me know. I trust that you continue the support of our journal with your own high-quality submissions, and by encouraging your colleagues to do so as well. I look forward to a successful collaboration with you and to promoting the mathematical methods of operations research in MMOR.

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