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On the choice of regularization parameters in specification testing: a critical discussion

  • Stefan Sperlich


This article reviews and discusses the problem of choosing smoothing parameters and resampling schemes for specification tests in econometrics. While smoothing is used for the regularization of the non-specified parts of the null hypothesis and omnibus alternatives, the resampling serves for determining the critical value. Several of the existing selection methods are discussed, implemented, and compared. This has been done for cross-sectional data along the example of additivity testing. Doubtless, all problems considered here carry over to specification testing with dependent data. Intensive simulations illustrate that this is still an open problem that easily corrupts these tests in practice. Possible ways out of the dilemma are proposed.


Nonparametric specification tests Adaptive testing  Bandwidth choice Bootstrap Subsampling 

JEL Classification

C12 C14 C52 



The author acknowledges the very helpful discussion of the anonymous referees and the editors, which has improved the paper a lot. Further thanks goes to Jorge Barrientos, Holger Dette, Juan Rodriguez-Poo, Vladimir Spokoiny, Michael Wolf, and the participants of the seminars at the Universities of Galicia, Spain. The author acknowledges funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation, project 100018-140295, and the Spanish MCyT, project MTM2008-03010.


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  1. 1.Département des sciences économiques and Research Center for StatisticsUniversité de GenèveGenevaSwitzerland

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