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Interacting with local and remote data repositories using the stashR package

  • Sandrah P. EckelEmail author
  • Roger D. Peng
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The stashR package (a Set of Tools for Administering Shared Repositories) for R implements a basic versioned key-value style database where character string keys are associated with data values. Using the S4 classes ‘localDB’ and ‘remoteDB’, and associated methods, versioned key-value databases can be either created locally on the user’s computer or accessed remotely via the Internet. The stashR package can enhance reproducible research by providing a ‘localDB’ database format for the caching of computations which can subsequently be stored on the Internet. To reproduce a particular computation, a reader can access the ‘remoteDB’ database and obtain the associated R objects.


Reproducible research Database Data distribution Version control 


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  1. 1.Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public HealthBaltimoreUSA

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