A CAD/CAM System for High Performance Precision Drum Cams

  • S. H. Masood
Research Article

This paper describes a computer-aided design and manufacturing system for the design and production of complex profiles for high-performance drum cams within the specified tolerance. The system graphically generates the cam profile on the cylindrical drum after performing an analysis of the kinematic performance for the prescribed follower motion, using a B-spline representation of follower curves. Eight different types of follower motion for a translating follower are considered. The kinematic performance is based on the criteria of achieving the lowest levels of velocity and acceleration for each curve. The system is also able to simulate the motion of the designed cam graphically. The system also recommends the best cam profile on the basis of comparing the kinematic performance of all the B-spline representations of all the follower motions.

Key words.B-spline; Cam profiles; CNC machining; Cylindrical cams; Drum cams 


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  • S. H. Masood
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  1. 1.Industrial Research Institute Swinburne, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, AustraliaAU

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