A gesture- and head-based multimodal interaction platform for MR remote collaboration

  • Peng WangEmail author
  • Shusheng Zhang
  • Xiaoliang BaiEmail author
  • Mark Billinghurst
  • Li Zhang
  • Shuxia Wang
  • Dechuan Han
  • Hao Lv
  • Yuxiang Yan


In this paper, we present a projector-based mixed reality (MR) remote collaborative system which enables remote users to collaboratively work on a physical task using gesture and head pointing (GHP). Using this platform, we studied the effects of GHP in a typical manufacturing use case. Our system supports natural and intuitive multimodal interaction based on GHP, and it can project the remote user’s GHP into the local environment to enhance remote collaboration. Our prototype system was compared with an augmented reality (AR) condition (ANNOTATION), which is the most popular method currently for AR/MR remote collaboration. We found a significant difference between the ANNOTATION and GHP conditions in terms of performance. The GHP system significantly improved the collaborative experience (e.g., awareness of the user’s attention), empathy (e.g., co-presence), and remote interaction. Moreover, we discuss the implications of this research and directions for future research.


Remote collaboration Multimodal interaction Gestures Head pointing Mixed reality 



We would like to thank Yuming Zheng for donating the water pump used in our research. We would also like to thank Professor Weiping He for science leadership, and Weiqi Lan and Haitao Min for the experiment data collection. Specifically, Mark Billinghurst carefully checked the English of an early version of the paper and helped the authors to significantly improve the paper.

Funding information

This research was financially sponsored by the civil aircraft special project (MJZ-2017-G73) and Dongguan Science and Technology Equipment Project (KZ2018-05).

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  1. 1.Cyber-Physical Interaction LabNorthwestern Polytechnical UniversityXi’anChina
  2. 2.Cyber-Reality Innovation Centre(China)NanjingChina
  3. 3.Empathic Computing LabUniversity of South AustraliaMawson LakesAustralia

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