Observer design for nonlinear interconnected systems: experimental tests for self-sensing control of synchronous machine

  • M. A. HamidaEmail author
  • J. De Leon-Morales
  • A. Messali


A nonlinear observer for a class of nonlinear interconnected systems is introduced. The proposed methodology facilitates the observer design for nonlinear systems. Sufficient conditions criteria are derived to ensure asymptotical convergence of the proposed observer. The convergence of the proposed observer is studied in both nominal and abnormal cases. The designed observer is applied for self-sensing control of interior permanent magnet synchronous machine (IPMSM) to estimate the rotor position, the rotor speed, the stator resistance, and the load torque. Performance of the proposed observer algorithm is evaluated through real-time experiments using an industrial benchmark. Two cases are employed to prove the performance capability of the proposed self-sensing control algorithm. The first case measures the performance under normal operating condition. The influence of parameter deviations on the proposed self-sensing control algorithm is discussed to prove the robustness of the proposed observer in the second case. The accuracy of the proposed self-sensing control algorithm is greater than 93 %.


Observer Nonlinear systems Interior permanent magnet synchronous motor (IPMSM) Experimental validation 



Authors would like to thank Dr. R. El-Sehiemy for his help to improve the current paper.


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  • M. A. Hamida
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    Email author
  • J. De Leon-Morales
    • 2
  • A. Messali
    • 1
  1. 1.LS2NEcole Centrale de NantesNantes Cedex 03France
  2. 2.FIME-Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo LeonSan Nicolas de los GarzaMexico

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