Powder metallurgy of stainless steels and composites: a review of mechanical alloying and spark plasma sintering

  • Samuel Ranti OkeEmail author
  • Oladeji Oluremi Ige
  • Oluwasegun Eso Falodun
  • Avwerosuoghene M. Okoro
  • Mahlatse R. Mphahlele
  • Peter Apata Olubambi


Although SPS has been studied for a rapidly growing number of materials, there is limited number of researches on the fabrication and microstructural characterization of stainless steels processed by SPS. This article reviewed and provided a critical discussion on the mechanical alloying (MA) and spark plasma sintering (SPS) of dispersion-strengthened stainless steel with emphasis on process parameters, reinforcement efficiencies, microstructural evolutions, and mechanical properties. The influence of spark plasma sintering process parameters on microstructure, phase evolution, and mechanical properties of reinforced stainless steels is reviewed in this work. The role of alloying elements and ceramic reinforcements, their dispersion into the stainless steel matrix, and the importance of matrix-reinforcement interface are highlighted. Current and potential areas of applications of PM stainless steel and suggestions for future research are discussed in this paper.


Powder metallurgy Stainless steels Mechanical alloying (MA) Spark plasma sintering (SPS) Properties 


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Funding information

Financial support was provided by the National Research Foundation of South Africa in association with The World Academy of Science (NRF-TWAS) as well as the Global Excellence and Stature (GES) of the University of Johannesburg, South Africa.


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