Zinc-aluminum (ZA-27)-based metal matrix composites: a review article of synthesis, reinforcement, microstructural, mechanical, and corrosion characteristics

  • Seun Samuel OwoeyeEmail author
  • Davies Oladayo Folorunso
  • Babatunde Oji
  • Sunday Gbenga Borisade


During the past few decades, zinc-aluminum family of alloys has increasingly been used as a result of the good combinations of their mechanical, physical, tribological, and low production costs. However, among the zinc-aluminum family, ZA-27 alloy has the highest strength, low density, excellent bearings, and wear properties. In order to improve these good properties possessed by this alloy, ZA-27-based composites became a new generation of metal matrix composites that possess the potentials of meeting the recent needs of advanced engineering in bearing and bushing applications. The optimum display of behaviors of this material is a function of the processing parameters and reinforcing phases. This review article attempts to review the recent developments on synthesis, combination of reinforcing materials used in processing of ZA-27-matrix-based composites and how it influences the microstructure, mechanical, and corrosion behavior of the composites. This review also summarizes previous works done by several researchers on ZA-27-based composites in achieving optimum mechanical and wear performance in these composites.


ZA-27-based composites Synthesis Reinforcements Microstructure Mechanical behavior 


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