Materials and micro drilling of high frequency and high speed printed circuit board: a review

  • Hongyan ShiEmail author
  • Xianwen Liu
  • Yan Lou


The high-frequency and high-speed printed circuit board (PCB) with lower transmission loss, higher heat resistance, and better processability play increasing significant roles in mobile communication technology. However, because the materials and micro drilling process of high-frequency and high-speed PCB are very different from the traditional printed board, there are still many of key techniques to be explored in the future study. In this paper, the characteristics of high-frequency and high-speed PCB were presented. Researches concerning the design and wear ability of micro drill, the analysis of micro drilling force and temperature, and the quality of micro holes were reviewed. Finally, several key techniques and challenges regarding materials and micro drilling were suggested.


High-frequency printed circuit board High-speed printed circuit board Micro drill Coating technique Drilling force Drill breakage Drilling temperature Micro hole quality 


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Funding information

This work was funded by the Project of Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation, China, with the Project Number of JCYJ20170817101008562, and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 51675347). This work was also supported by Shenzhen Jinzhou Precision Technology Corp.


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