Study of the effect of heat treatment on the structure and properties of the specimens obtained by the method of direct metal deposition

  • A. I. Gorunov
  • A. Kh. Gilmutdinov


The effect of heat treatment at temperatures of 550 and 1050 °C on the structure and tribological properties when introducing counterface, strength, and ductility under static loads as well as durability under cyclic bending loads of specimens made of nickel-based metal formed by direct laser deposition material was studied. It is shown that heat treatment increases the wear resistance of specimens produced by emission of large carbide morphology. The mode of thermal processing of specimens obtained by the direct laser deposition material method is proposed, for reduction of structural heterogeneity and improvement of durability under cyclic bending load.


Direct laser metal deposition Heat treatment Nickel alloy Microstructure Wear resistance Durability Strength Ductility 


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  1. 1.Kazan National Research Technical University named after Tupolev A.N.–KAIKazanRussia

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