A review of micro-devices assembly techniques and technology

  • J. CecilEmail author
  • M. B. Bharathi Raj Kumar
  • Yajun Lu
  • Vinod Basallali


This paper provides a review of techniques and technology relevant to the field of micro-devices assembly (MDA). MDA is an emerging domain of importance which is expected to have a substantial impact on a range of industrial fields including sensors, surveillance devices, and semiconductor devices. This paper provides a review of a cross-section of research including micro-gripping design and manipulation techniques, work cell design and factory automation, self-assembly techniques, and virtual reality-based approaches in micro-assembly. A discussion of the key challenges for this domain along with directions for future research is also provided.


Micro-assembly Automation Gripping Virtual reality Work cells 


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  • Yajun Lu
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  • Vinod Basallali
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