Use of Promethee method to determine the best alternative for warehouse storage location assignment

  • Marcele Elisa Fontana
  • Cristiano Alexandre Virgínio Cavalcante


Storage includes all activities involved in holding products at a point for temporary custody and subsequent distribution. The criteria that must be considered in determining the location in a storage facility for each product are often conflicting. Thus, the main objective of this paper is to determine the best alternative for assigning a product to a warehouse storage location. A class formation and allocation model and a preference ranking organization method for enrichment evaluation (Promethee) multicriteria method are used to achieve this goal. By using the model proposed, the manager can learn of all the possible non-dominated allocations of the products in the warehouse and can then change the allocation when needed. The Promethee method is efficient at ranking alternatives which facilitates the decision process.


Cube-per-order index Warehouse storage location assignment Time required Promethee method 


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