A NURBS interpolation algorithm with continuous feedrate

  • Jichun WuEmail author
  • Huicheng Zhou
  • Xiaoqi Tang
  • Jihong Chen


The high-speed precision machining of a part requires minimal feedrate fluctuation and contour error, and parametric spline interpolations have proven to be superior over linear and circular interpolations. However, parametric spline interpolations may result in large feedrate fluctuation due to an inaccurate mapping between the spline parameter u and the displacement S. This paper presents a non-uniform rational B-spline interpolation algorithm with compensatory parameter to minimize feedrate fluctuation and contour error. Since the cubic or quintic polynomials expressing the u-S mapping are acquired, they can be calculated by two consecutive interpolation points with the continuity condition. Thus, the parameter u can be calculated quickly and accurately by substituting the desired displacement S into the cubic or quintic polynomials. Simulation shows that the feedrate fluctuation of the proposed algorithm is much smaller than that of Taylor interpolation algorithms and Feed correction algorithm.


NURBS interpolation Feedrate fluctuation Contour error u-S modeling 


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  • Huicheng Zhou
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  • Xiaoqi Tang
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  • Jihong Chen
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  1. 1.National NC System Engineering Research CenterHuazhong University of Science and TechnologyWuhanChina

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