Micro-manufacturing: research, technology outcomes and development issues

  • Yi Qin
  • A. Brockett
  • Y. Ma
  • A. Razali
  • J. ZhaoEmail author
  • C. Harrison
  • W. Pan
  • X. Dai
  • D. Loziak


Besides continuing effort in developing MEMS-based manufacturing techniques, latest effort in micro-manufacturing is also in non-MEMS-based manufacturing. Research and technological development in this field is encouraged by the increased demand on micro-components as well as promised development in the scaling down of the traditional macro-manufacturing processes for micro-length-scale manufacturing. This paper highlights some EU funded research activities in micro/nano-manufacturing, and gives examples of the latest development in micro-manufacturing methods/techniques, process chains, hybrid processes, manufacturing equipment and supporting technologies/device, etc., which is followed by a summary of the achievements of the EU MASMICRO project. Finally, concluding remarks are given, which raise several issues concerning further development in micro-manufacturing.


Micro-product Micro-manufacturing Manufacturing system 


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