Study on the Variations of Form and Position of the Wire Electrode in WEDM-HS

  • L. MingqiEmail author
  • L. Minghui
  • X. Guangyao
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The electrode, a tool which is used for wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM), is a tiny flexible metal wire, therefore, in WEDM machining process, its form and position will inevitably vary because of the action of many forces, and these dynamic variations have a direct influence on machining precision and stability, especially in the high-speed WEDM (WEDM-HS) machine process; the variations of form and position have been a critical obstacle to improving machining quality and implementing multi-cut processing. In this paper, the variation regularity of wire-electrode has been investigated by experimental analysis, and some corresponding measures have been suggested to stabilize the form and position of the wire electrode in the WEDM-HS machining process.


Form and position High-speed wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM-HS) Machining quality  Wire electrode  


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  1. 1.Department of Plastic FormingShanghai Jiaotong UniversityShanghaiP.R. China
  2. 2.College of Electromechanical EngineeringEast China Jiaotong UniversityNanchangP.R. China

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