Anatomy of the ankle ligaments: a pictorial essay

  • Pau GolanóEmail author
  • Jordi Vega
  • Peter A. J. de Leeuw
  • Francesc Malagelada
  • M. Cristina Manzanares
  • Víctor Götzens
  • C. Niek van Dijk


Understanding the anatomy of the ankle ligaments is important for correct diagnosis and treatment. Ankle ligament injury is the most frequent cause of acute ankle pain. Chronic ankle pain often finds its cause in laxity of one of the ankle ligaments. In this pictorial essay, the ligaments around the ankle are grouped, depending on their anatomic orientation, and each of the ankle ligaments is discussed in detail.


Ankle anatomy Lateral collateral ligament Medial collateral ligament Ankle impingement Ankle sprain 



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