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Past and present of interposition arthroplasties for joint repair with special tribute to the contribution by Vittorio Putti

  • N. Nicoli Aldini
  • A. AngeliniEmail author
  • S. Pagani
  • R. Bevoni
  • M. Girolami
  • M. Fini
Historical Paper


Several techniques have been proposed to restore the compromised function of a joint. These include the arthroplasty by placing various tissues or materials between the articular surfaces. An important contribution to the diffusion of arthroplasty techniques was made by Vittorio Putti, head of the Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute in Bologna from 1912 to 1940. Interposition arthroplasty is still used for some non-weight-bearing joints, such as wrist and elbow, and gives good results. This type of surgery has been further developed by the improvement in biomaterials, biomechanical studies and the regenerative medicine. This paper describes the development starting from a historical survey particularly focused on Putti’s contribution and ending with the state of the art of regenerative medicine in the treatment of joint diseases.

Level of evidence V.


Vittorio Putti Articular resurfacing Biological resurfacing Interposition arthroplasty Shoulder Hip 



The study was supported by the funds IOR 5 × 1000 year 2012, project “La rigenerazione dei tessuti dell’apparato muscoloscheletrico: studi preclinici su sorgente cellulare, scaffold e fattori legati al paziente”.


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