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Fibrin glue as a non-invasive outpatient treatment for post-arthroscopic knee seromas

  • David J. BerkoffEmail author
  • Matthew Kanaan
  • Ganesh Kamath


Post-surgical seromas and cysts have been reported across many surgical subspecialties including orthopaedics. Treatments include both invasive surgical approaches and more recently reported non-invasive techniques. Non-invasive approaches currently include compressive wrapping, vasopneumatic cryotherapy, and motion exercises. Persistent lesions have been treated with talc or doxycycline sclerodesis. This case presents a patient with a post-arthroscopic seroma that was treated with fibrin glue in an outpatient setting. Fibrin glue has not been reported in the post-arthroscopy outpatient setting to address cystic lesions. This case suggests a viable non-invasive treatment option for these lesions. Level of evidence V.


Fibrin glue Seroma treatments Post-arthroscopic seroma 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • David J. Berkoff
    • 1
  • Matthew Kanaan
    • 2
  • Ganesh Kamath
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of OrthopaedicsUniversity of North Carolina Chapel HillChapel HillUSA
  2. 2.Duke UniversityDurhamUSA

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