The results of corrective osteotomy for valgus arthritic knees

  • Barak HavivEmail author
  • Shlomo Bronak
  • Ran Thein
  • Rafael Thein



To evaluate the results of corrective varus osteotomy in the treatment of arthritic knees with valgus deformity.


The data were retrieved from a literature review. Each relevant study was screened for demographic details, surgical techniques, follow-up periods, clinical outcomes, and complications.


A total of 27 publications describing the results of varus osteotomies for valgus arthritic knees were reviewed. All were small case series studies, variable in their patient population, surgical techniques, rehabilitation protocols, follow-up periods, clinical assessments and were categorized as level IV of scientific evidence.


The role of varus osteotomy remains poorly defined. The literature generally supports this procedure in active and cooperative patients to reduce pain and delay the need for knee replacement. New techniques hold promising results regarding shortening of rehabilitation time and low reoperation and complication rates.

Level of evidence



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