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Treatment of midportion Achilles tendinosis: similar clinical results with US and CD-guided surgery outside the tendon and sclerosing polidocanol injections

  • Håkan AlfredsonEmail author
  • Lars Öhberg
  • Ewa Zeisig
  • Ronny Lorentzon
Sports Medicine


Sclerosing polidocanol injections targeting the area with vasculo/neural ingrowth on the ventral side of the tendon have previously been demonstrated to give good clinical results in patients with chronic painful midportion Achilles tendinosis. In this study, 20 consecutive patients (9 men and 11 women, mean age 46 years) with chronic painful midportion Achilles tendinosis were treated with either sclerosing polidocanol injections (Group A) or open surgical revision of the area with vasculo/neural ingrowth on the ventral side of the Achilles tendon (Group B). Before treatment, all patients had structural tendon changes and increased blood flow-neovascularisation demonstrated with US and colour Doppler. Under US and colour Doppler-guidance, both the injections and the surgical revision targeted the area with neovessels just outside the ventral part of the tendon. A maximum of two sclerosing injection treatments, with 6–8 weeks in-between, were given. For evaluation, the patients recorded the severity of Achilles tendon pain during tendon loading activity (their recreational or sport activity), before and after treatment, on a VAS. Patient global satisfaction with treatment was also assessed. At the 3 months follow-up 6/9 (one patient was excluded) patients in Group A, and 8/10 patients in Group B, were satisfied with the treatment and had a significantly reduced level of tendon pain (Group A VAS from 76 to 24, P < 0.05, Group B VAS from 75 to 21, P < 0.05). There was one deep infection in Group B. At the 6 months follow-up, 6/9 patients in Group A, and 10/10 patients in Group B were satisfied. In summary, both treatment with sclerosing polidocanol injections and open surgical revision outside the ventral Achilles midportion show promising short-term clinical results.


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  • Lars Öhberg
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  • Ewa Zeisig
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  • Ronny Lorentzon
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  1. 1.Department of Surgical and Perioperative Science Sports Medicine, Sports Medicine UnitUniversity of UmeåUmeåSweden
  2. 2.Department of Radiation Sciences, Diagnostic RadiologyUniversity of UmeåUmeåSweden

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