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Wrist arthroscopy and intra-articular fractures of the distal radius in young adults

  • Philippe HardyEmail author
  • Nuno Gomes
  • Mounir Chebil
  • Thomas Bauer


The difficulty on treatment of articular fractures of the distal radius comes from their comminutive character and frequency of ligamentous lesions associated, turning diagnosis and assessment always subject to discussion. Fracture reduction and fixation under arthroscopic control, along with ligamentous injury treatment, provides the Surgeon with a valuable tool in order to achieve best results on follow-up. Eighteen fractures of the distal radius on 18 young adults (average age of 28.6 years), all intra-articular and 9 with ligamentous lesions associated, were operated on under arthroscopic control. Results from an average distance of 12.2 months were appraised following the score of Green and O’Brien modified by Cooney. They were excellent in five cases, good in eight cases, average in four cases and bad in one case. Recovery was best for fractures with weak comminution and when articular congruence was restored. Arthroscopy, allowing control of fracture reduction, to diagnose and possibly treat associated ligamentous lesions, constitutes a good alternative to open surgical treatment. Level of evidence: case series (level IV).


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  • Mounir Chebil
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  • Thomas Bauer
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