Role of toe flexor tendoscopy in management of an unusual cause of metatarsalgia

  • Tun Hing LuiEmail author
  • Hung Tsan Chow
Sports Medicine


The purpose of this study is to describe an endoscopic approach to toe flexor tendons at the level of metatarsal head region. And this study is a kind of retrospective case series. Three patients with toe flexor tenosynovitis were evaluated after a follow-up of 2 years after toe flexor tendoscopy. One patient suffered from infective toe flexor tendosynovitis resulting from a penetrating injury and other two patients suffered from idiopathic focal toe flexor tenosynovitis. Pre-operative metatarsalgia subsided after toe flexor tendoscopy. No endoscopy-related complication was observed. Toe flexor tendoscopy can be an effective operative means in the management of focal toe flexor tenosynovitis.


Flexor digitorum longus Tenosynovitis Toe flexor Tendoscopy Metatarsalgia 


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